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Pricing & Services

Who we are?

We are a Third-Party Designee designed professionally to assist businesses and consumers obtain an Employer Identification Number to be used in their line of business(s). Through our online-filing and document preparation services in addition to other correlated filing packages we ensure our clients get their business(s) started!

Corporate creation work

Our services start at only $169 for a one-business day processing. Need your order to be prioritized for just an additional rush fee of $60 and get your EIN in less than 1 hour!

EIN services

Whether you are filing as a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or sole proprietor that needs an EIN, we have a team of experts trained in corporate classifications and IRS regulations. 

You are guaranteed an error free filing as your application is first reviewed by our experts and then processed in our automated e-filing system. Do not risk registering your business tax ID incorrectly to avoid higher tax rates and a long correction process.