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The 7 Best Small Business Ideas 

Are you looking to start your own business? We’ve prepared this article just for you; here are the 7 best small business ideas or opportunities you can try. But first, you will need to assess the marketplace and decide for yourself if you have enough passion for the idea and commit to building it into a successful Limited Liability Company (LLC).

It is up to you to determine which ideas you have the skillset for and interest to pursue seriously. To get you started on your journey, here is a quick guide to the 7 best small business ideas in today’s business landscape.

Small Business Ideas

  1. Accounting and related services. It is no surprise that accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll are rank among the most profitable small businesses. This is one area you can count on to stay strong, and it does not require a ton of operating expenses.
  2. Real estate sales and leasing. Real estate is one of the most competitive businesses to get into. The easiest way you can work in the industry is as a broker. You will be able to win a commission per rent or sell and you don’t have to spend money to own the property.
  3. Food truck owner. Testing out your food ideas with a food truck to see what people respond and do not respond to. This will build the support of followers before ever opening or investing in a brick-and-mortar location.
  4. Translator. Speak a foreign language? You can start a translation service. Consider specializing in a specific genre of translation, like medical, government or financial translation.
  5. Virtual Personal assistant. Consider becoming a virtual assistant, will allow you a more flexible working environment. A virtual personal assistant job consists of be organize and detail-oriented.
  6. Photographer. As you build a body of work, request referrals, you can start by conducting photograph shoots for your family and friends. Photography businesses often grow by word of mouth and social media exposure. 
  7. Personal trainer. You can offer personalized nutrition, exercise regimens or in-home consultations. Do not forget to use social media as your platform to promote your business with inspirational quotes, free exercise videos, and delicious snack ideas. 

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